Our new Lifestyle and Wellness program has started!

Recognizing the need for a less aggressive yet effective weight loss plan, we have created a very structured program for those who would like to lose a small to moderate amount of weight, and would also like to explore if there are any underlying conditions making it more difficult to lose weight. There is no obligation for medical oversight, labs or visits with the physician in this program.  Unlike our medical program, the Lifestyle and Wellness program is not a ketosis-based weight loss plan.  If a patient elects, we offer a full endocrine consultation to look for any hormonal abnormalities or medications that may contribute to weight gain. 

The program starts with a Consultation with our Director of Nutrition, to create an effective and realistic plan for weight loss.  Your plan will include grocery meals, protein supplements and meal replacements in a customized format designed to work with your lifestyle.  During the program, you will meet twice a month with Jennifer to discuss and monitor your progress. 

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